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Diversity Day 2018

Miss Bowen’s Class attended a festival all about Diversity. We watched a colourful parade, learned some signed songs which were all about being yourself, had a picnic, rode a train, went on a bouncy castle, played with bubbles and more!

We all had a fantastic day, we came back very positive and have been inspired to learn more about diversity ourselves.

A big thanks to the staff at Heathfield and St Francis school for running such a wonderful event!

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Deadwater Valley

Miss Bowen’s Class went to Deadwater Valley to find the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel. We used the map work skills we have been learning to mark areas on our maps. Everybody did very well and we had a fun trip out.

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In Miss Bowen's class our new topic is seasons! We started our topic by having a pumpkin investigation day. Over the day we used our investigation, problem solving and teamwork skills in maths, science and art lessons to find out different things about pumpkins. We learnt how the air inside a pumpkin affects it floating, we counted the number of seeds inside a giant pumpkin and we used our senses to explore pumpkins and create a pumpkin collage.

Kwik Cricket Tournament

On 5th July 2017, some of KS2 took part in the Kwik Cricket Tournament in Clanfield. Everyone played well showing good skills and excellent sportsmanship.

We had a brilliant time, even though it was very hot!


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Kids Day out at Marwell Zoo

Rebound Therapy is used to facilitate movement, promote balance, promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone, promote relaxation, promote sensory integration, improve fitness and exercise tolerance, and to improve communication skills.

Discovering in Primary

Class 2B have been discovering.........tsunamis and their affects on the beach.  They have also been discovering what shapes they can create through balance using different apparatus.

Primary Buddhist visit

Primary Buddhist visit 1
Primary Buddhist visit 2

Bike-a-bility 2016

Bike-a-bility 2016 1
Bike-a-bility 2016 2
Bike-a-bility 2016 3
Bike-a-bility 2016 4
Bike-a-bility 2016 5
Bike-a-bility 2016 6
Bike-a-bility 2016 7
Bike-a-bility 2016 8
Bike-a-bility 2016 9
Bike-a-bility 2016 10
Bike-a-bility 2016 11
Bike-a-bility 2016 12
Bike-a-bility 2016 13
Bike-a-bility 2016 14
Bike-a-bility 2016 15
Bike-a-bility 2016 16
Bike-a-bility 2016 17
Bike-a-bility 2016 18
Bike-a-bility 2016 19
Bike-a-bility 2016 20
Bike-a-bility 2016 21

KS2 Food Technology

KS2 Food Technology 1
KS2 Food Technology 2
KS2 Food Technology 3

KS2 Science

KS2 Science 1
KS2 Science 2
KS2 Science 3
KS2 Science 4
KS2 Science 5
KS2 Science 6

KS1 Horse Riding

KS2 Maths

KS1 making music

KS1 making music 1
KS1 making music 2
KS1 making music 3
KS1 making music 4
KS1 making music 5
KS1 making music 6

KS1 Maths and English


Independence 1
Independence 2
Independence 3
Independence 4
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