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E Safety Guidance
As part of their #WakeUpWednesday campaign, The National Online Safety Team has created a free guide for parents & carers to help you to stay vigilant when your children are using the App Store.   The App Store is used by most Apple device owners and, with millions of apps to choose from and download onto their devices, it’s important that parents know how to help their children use the App Store safely. This free guide covers what you need to know regarding the associated risks of the store including look-alike apps, in-app purchases, inappropriate material and more. You will find the guide for parents & carers here:
Further online guidance:

Post 16 Transport - advise from Hampshire SEN Transport

Please be aware that Post 16 transport is not transferred from your child's school.  Parents are required to apply and need to be aware that there is a fee for all post 16 transport regardless of which further education option they choose. All parents will be required to pay the contribution towards transport even if their child are continuing at their current school.

If a pupil is moving onto a 6th form unit or college, parents may wish to apply for a concessionary bus pass for their child. They should call us for an application form and they will not need to complete an FE application.
If any parent feels that their child would be unable to use public transport and wish to apply for assistance to get to college, they will need to apply by completing an FE Transport application form (see link). They are also required to complete a medical evidence form, which must be countersigned by either their GP or a Social Worker, if they have one. A new application and medical form will need to be completed every year.
We stress the importance of the medical evidence form. Without this information to support the use of a taxi/minibus, we can only provide assistance with public transport and will send the family a concessionary bus pass application.
It is important parents read and understand the requirements to qualify for travel assistance before they apply. One of the crucial requirements to qualify for assistance is that the student in question must have a current maintained EHCP naming the College for which they are applying for transport; it should also be the nearest/most appropriate College. It would be a good idea for parents to speak with our colleagues in Children's Services at this time for clarification.
The new updated forms for September 2018 will be uploaded onto the Hampshire County Council website by the end of February 2018 and the deadline for applications is the end of May. Applications received after this date will still be processed but we cannot guarantee that transport will be set up in time for the start of the September term.
If a student is moving into your school’s own post-16 unit they will not be required to complete an FE Transport application form as they are continuing pupils and not changing placement.
If parents have any questions about post-16 transport then they are welcome to call a member of the Transport team. The contacts for each area are listed below.


Additional information and a copy of the FE Transport application and medical forms can be found on the website (See link below)
Please contact SEN Transport directly for further information or advice 01962 845327.
Shelby Hill
01962 845787
Marlene Scott
01962 845970
Jenny Tustin
01962 846993
Tucasi Online Payment

Pay online for the following:

  • school dinners
  • school uniform
  • trips and some events

Hollywater School online uniform shop

If you require uniform, please use the link below.  You can order and pay online, all orders are delivered to your home address.  We have a selection of garments  in the School Office if you would like to try on sizes, to ensure you order the correct sizes.