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2017 - 2018

Sports Day

Drama day

We had a whole school drama day on 30th April. We all came into school dressed as pirates. We started the day with a whole school assembly where we practised talking like a pirate. We were warned to take care as anything could happen during the day.

We practised other skills needed to be a pirate. Each class came up with a name for their pirate boat and made their own skull and crossbones flag.

During the day different things happened and we had to overcome many problems.

Captain Clancy stole some treasure. The dastardly parrot was imprisoned. There was a hole on the Leaky Bucket. The pirates from the Roly Poly Pirates had to find the missing parrot babies. There were lots of people that had to walk the plank.

Sport Relief

This year for Sport Relief we have been doing hundreds. Each class chose what physical activity they wanted to do and completed their activity in the week of Sport Relief. We did trampolining, running, bikes, slides and much more! We have raised over £500!