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Curriculum and Standards Commitee

Curriculum Committee responsibilities:


  • To make recommendations to the governing body and review the school’s curriculum statement as required, in the light of the LA curriculum statement and their statutory obligations regarding the National Curriculum.
  • In collaboration with the staff to provide information about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.
  • To review the policy and provision for collective worship and for RE and make recommendations where necessary.
  • To review the policy and provision for sex education and make recommendations where necessary.
  • To ensure that the requirements of children with special needs are met as laid out in the Code of Practice.
  • To ensure that the school meets the requirements of disability discrimination legislation, and to report on measures taken by the school to ensure that pupils with disabilities are treated no less favourably than other pupils.
  • To contribute to the curriculum component of the School Development Plan and to monitor its implementation
  • To receive reports from the headteacher and other staff on the delivery of the National Curriculum, including testing and assessment arrangements, and to review the published information about school performance
  • To consider the relevant annual Key Stage targets for pupil achievement, and report these to the full governing body.