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FE 2020-2021

Autumn Term

Lilac Class

Students have completed some excellent learning in the kitchen this term, producing some absolutely delicious food which has been appreciated by students and their families each and every week.  We started the term with a variety of savoury snacks, from sausage rolls to crustless quiches… moving on to some sweet treats like cupcakes, fruit pies, and edible fireworks and then into some seasonal recipes during the run up to Christmas.  Each week students have been given a choice for their recipe, enabling them to personalise their ingredients and make something individual to their own preferences.  Everyone has practiced their skills and shown that they can use various items of kitchen equipment safely and effectively with varying levels of support.  One of our favourite activities was the use of the electric whisks for creating our meringue snowmen, some of us had never used one before and it was exciting to see the egg whites change and feel the power of the whisk in our hands.  We are looking forward to even more great cooking experiences next term.