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Working from home

Monday 6th April - Friday 17th April


Creative: Decorate your bedroom for Easter. First of all think about what you would like-bunting/an Easter tree/ easter egg pictures. You can go on to google images to get ideas.

Make your decorations. Have a decorating day just before Easter.

Look through some magazines and find pictures of  food that we eat at Easter. Make a collage of Easter foods

Make a wish list jar and put in it on a post it what outings you would like to go on with your family when we can.

When you are out on your walks you could find a largish branch and bring it home to make an Easter Tree. You might like to paint it first before you decorate it. You could make salt dough decorations. Then after Easter it would be good to wrap them carefully in tissue and keep them for next year

Spot the daffodil-there are so many lovely daffodils out at the moment. Play spot the daffodil and use your cameras to photograph it. If you can print out your photos make a daffodil collage and put words on that describe your daffodil-yellow-bright-lovely-pretty

You may like to pick a few –bring them home and put them in a vase look at them and draw them-it’s called still art.

A crafty idea is also to make an Easter wreath to put on your front door. Look on google images to get a picture. Make it with a mixture of things from the garden and eggs that you could ‘blow’.


With your family help  make breakfast at Easter and do a bunny fried egg

If you watch a film try writing a film  review about it afterword’s.-In your review you can say who the main characters are-what the film was about-what you liked- and  if you would recommend it to your friends. You could film yourself instead and pretend you are a reporter for Newsround

Lastly I’ve put our yoga power point in the FE file for you to use. Try and do it as part of relaxation before bed.


Monday 23rd March - Friday 3rd April


College-Photography-If you have access to a digital camera/ipad-take photos outside of the first signs of spring-daffodils, blossom, buds on trees, blue skies (?) Make a collage using your photos and call it-Spring is on its way!

Understanding the uses of money- Using your purse/wallet and real money-set up a shop-price the goods that are on sale up to £1. Calculate and pay for your items using your money. If you have a piggy bank( you could make one) talk to Mum/Dad about getting paid for the jobs you do around the house- think about something you would like to save for-find a picture of it and cost it-save your money in your piggy bank/ count it daily and when you have saved enough money ask if you can spend it. Log on to Twinkl for money counting activities

Using a community facility over time- Completing the 1K challenge-using a timer and a whistle-start your exercise with a warm up stretching exercise-start by walking at a normal pace for 3 minutes-then speed walk for 1 minute-Continue this for 1K- Don’t forget to feel your increased heart rate after your fast walk

Providing personal information-Keep a daily diary-you can do this with photographs and writing-what did you do today? What was your favourite activity? What would you like to do tomorrow? Write a plan of action for the next day and tick off the activities as you do them. Practise reading your dairy to your family.

Participating in sporting events-Use You Tube videos to do a yoga routine.

Rights and Responsibilities-Talk to Mum/Dad about what needs to be done in the garden as we prepare for spring. Write a to do list for the jobs that need to be done. Think about what tools you need and appropriate clothing. Spend some time each day in the garden doing your jobs.

Taking part in daily routines-Think about your daily routine and make a list of the things you do at home and school-make hot chocolate-set the table-load the dishwasher-wash up- practise these skills

World of Work-Agree with your Mum and Dad what jobs you can do around the house which you could be paid for-making your bed-tidying your room-helping with the washing-helping with the family meal-agree a payment-(20-50p) Do your jobs-get paid and save your money

Reading-Practise reading and telling jokes-you can find simple jokes to tell on the internet. Follow a recipe with you Mum/Dad and make something for the whole family. Choose a book and pick out the letters that you recognise. Write a review of a book you like-what is the book about-what is your favourite part-why do you like it.

Creative Activities-Easter is coming up-what decorations could you make using recycling materials?

IT-Use the internet to look up ideas for your recycling project for Easter decorations. Identify all the appliances you use at home. Make a safety poster to follow for each one.

Personal Care-Practise dressing/undressing/zips on coats/shoe laces/hair care/nail care/hand washing/using skin care products.