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Monday 13th July - Wednesday 22nd July

Monday 29th June - Friday 10th July

Monday 15th June - Friday 26th June


Monday 1st June - Friday 12th June


Monday 18th May - Friday 29th May

Monday 4th May - Friday 15th May

Monday 20th April - Friday 1st May


Monday 6th April - Friday 17th April


Monday 23rd March - Friday 3rd April


English – Reading at home with parents or independently – audiobooks, digital/online stories, physical books etc…

Students have accounts to access Reading Eggs to practice their English skills of phonics, reading and spellings.

Also teach your monster to read has many activities for practising phonics. 

Students can practise their writing skills through keeping a diary, write reviews of the books they have read or TV shows they have watched. Write a commentary based on a documentary that has been watched.

Maths – Use Sumdog to log on and complete the challenges. (sumdog is also offering spelling and reading practice)

The term has been focusing on Measurement, this includes weighing, capacity, length, time and money. These areas can be explored at home through cooking, using measuring jugs, weighing scales and reading the time.

Science – This term has concentrated on light please refer to the two bbc bitesize website links below for many videos that will reinforce the learning that has been explored in class time.

IT – Identify all the ICT equipment in your home and write a list, demonstrate how to use items safely. Think about technology other than just screens like iPads and computers, what other technology do we rely on? Encourage a discussion around correct use of technology and e-safety rules when accessing social media apps/websites.


NB. The following website has a lot of resources and ideas for implementing learning at home for the above subjects. You will need to create a free account. 


Food Tech – Baking at home with parents, or help prepare the dinner J

PSHCE/Independence and Personal Skills – Help out around the house, make the bed, sort the washing, dust or vacuum.  Practice brushing your teeth, hair or tying shoelaces independently.  Put the bins out and wash your hands.

Art – Create artwork using the skills learnt from class, i.e. sketching, painting, printing, weaving etc… The theme has been coasts, nature but I am sure they will have a range of ideas that they would like to explore.