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Monday 6th April - Friday 17th April


English/Reading/Phonics – Continue to login to Reading eggs, I will set you some tasks, keep looking out for them and in the meanwhile you can follow your maps. Once you completed your map and your quiz, I will print your certificate and send it to you when I am in school.

Handwriting and letter formation, practise all lower case letters, form them properly, remember: writing, not drawing. For worksheets:  There are lots of free resources.

Reading books, sharing books and listening to audiobooks. For example:  David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day.

Maths – I had a look at Sumdog and I have managed to set you a challenge that is easier for you to do. I will continue to set these challenge and check how you have done.

Explore 3D shapes – discussing their names; cube, cuboid, sphere, pyramid, cone, cylinder, see which one you can find around the house in real life objects.

Easter egg hunt in the garden. Hide small eggs. How many did you find? Compare amounts with siblings, how many more/less? Share the amount between the people in the house, how many do you all get?

Science – Look at the different plants/bushes/trees in your garden. How many different ones can you find? Can you find out the name of the plant/flower/tree? How do they change through the seasons? If you have some seeds and compost at home, maybe you can grow your own, cress is good to grow. Have a look at some of these clips:

Personal Skills and Independence – Focus on doing daily tasks independently: Getting dressed, brushing hair, brushing teeth, making toast, helping to lay the table, doing the washing up, etc.

If you get the chance to go for your daily exercise think about your road crossing skills, can you make the decision if it is safe to go?

At home you can practise your skills with money. Which coins do you recognise? Set up a shop with price tags, can you give the right amount of money? Can you give change when you are the shop keeper?

Computing – Use Facetime/Skype to contact you grandparents or other family members who don’t live in your house. Take photographs in your garden or of your school work. Practise sending emails to family members. But remember the E-safety rules.

Creativity – Decorating Easter eggs. Use coloured paper shapes to make a pattern on a paper egg. Or have a go at one of these Easter crafts:

Maybe you can help making some Easter biscuits of cupcakes!


Monday 23rd March - Friday 3rd April


Phonics – Reading at home with parents, sounding out words and attempting to blend. Use Reading Eggs to complete the lessons and find books to read.

RE – Easter, recount the story of Easter and how we celebrate. Create some Easter crafts or paint some eggs. Bake hot cross buns.  Think about what the egg and the cross represent.


English – Use Reading Eggs, log on and complete the lessons, tests, and any allocated activities.  Use the Reading Eggs library to read books and answer the quizzes.

Maths – Use Sumdog, log on and complete the challenges.  Identify and count coins and notes, ‘pay’ for items or be the shopkeeper and give change.  Find ‘shapes’ around the house, how many can you list? Practise counting in tens, twos, fives or even threes.

PE – Use Go-Noodle, create a personal account and get moving!  Email your level up certificates to show me your progress. Go outside for a walk in the woods, follow the coloured routes.

Food Tech – Baking at home with parents, (we are all very good at making pizzas now) or help prepare the dinner J

Communication – Use Newsround to play ‘In the News’ and get talking about the news stories and what types of news they are.  Practice your Makaton signs and make a list of new ones you want to learn, or look them up and teach me them back at school.

Independence and Personal Skills – Help out around the house, get dressed completely by yourself, make the bed, sort the washing, dust or vacuum.  Practice brushing your teeth, hair or tying shoelaces.  Put the bins out and wash your hands.

IT – Identify all the ICT equipment in your home and write a list, demonstrate how to use items safely and correctly.  Think about technology other than just screens like iPads and computers, what other technology do we rely on? Using Paint to make pictures, using Word to type sentence or a story.

Creativity – Find rocks outside, paint them. Make an artwork with things found in nature. Egg painting, decorating a paper egg following a pattern. Practise scissor skills.


And don’t forget Twinkl: , we would be mostly looking for resources they use for year 1 or maybe 2.