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Steps for Soldiers - Hollywater and Henry Tyndale join forces!

Henry Tyndale made a plea via social media, requesting help from the general public to walk 4.5 million steps. 

As part of a trip to Ypres to develop their awareness and understanding of the issues associated with the First World War, they were aiming to share their knowledge with at least 550 people.  To do this five students from the school's FE department who took part in the trip, chose to 'Step for Soldiers' - each walking as many steps as soldiers killed in Belgium during the conflict (around 900,000).

Staff at Hollywater saw this and thought they could help by 'donating' their steps from the Golden Mile.

During Celebration Assembly in July, the pupils from Henry Tyndale visited and officially 'accepted' our steps, which totalled 851,554.  All Hollywater pupils were then given a certificate to show they had contributed to the total amount of steps collected by Henry Tyndale.  In the end this total exceeded the 4.5 million and was infact over 20 million steps!  What a tremendous effort and well done to the pupils from Henry Tyndale - all at Hollywater were glad to help.