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Whitehill + Bordon Active Travel Reporters Needed

What will make it easier for you to walk, cycle or scoot around town?
We want to know about the places you want to walk, cycle or scoot to
and the barriers to active travel for you.

Share the exact locations using Commonplace; an interactive map and survey tool.

Tell us:
• Where would you like to see more cycle parking?
• Which neighbouring villages would you like to be able to get to without using a car?
• Which train station you would most like a safe cycle route to?

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How it works:
• Click on an emoticon – happy or sad face?
• Choose options to tell us about the problem.
• Choose options to tell us how we could improve it.

• Add your own comments.
• `Like’ someone else’s comment to say you agree.
• Share on Facebook and Twitter.
Repeat for all the locations and issues you know of!
* Minimum age is 13 years to add information to Commonplace but parents/carers can do this on behalf of your children as well as adding your own comments.

Why is this needed?
In the Whitehill and Bordon community travel survey (September 2020) We asked: “How satisfied are you with the cycling infrastructure in and around Whitehill and Bordon e.g., bike lanes/paths, bike parking?”
32% said that they were dissatisfied and added comments about the reasons why, including:
• Safety
• Speeding
• Lighting
• Surface condition of the road, foot way or cycleway
• Lack of joined up routes.

Also in Summer 2020, an audit of walking routes in Whitehill and Bordon was carried out as part of the Green Loop Wayfinding Strategy. These surveys, however, did not tell us the exact locations of the issues.

We now need you to tell us where the problems are so that we can prioritise the improvements needed.
Details of the 2020 Travel Survey Results available from: Whitehill & Bordon community travel plan residents' survey - Final Report (
The Wayfinding Strategy Report is available on request from: