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Primary 2018-2019

Miss Bowen’s Class – Hogmoor Inclosure

Miss Bowen’s class went to Hogmoor Inclosure to support our understanding of forces.

We explored the play equipment and how it moved on it’s own and with us on it!

We discussed the direction of movement and used directional and movement language.

We all followed instructions and kept safe, played nicely together and had a fantastic afternoon!

Miss Bowen’s Class – Independence Travel Training

Miss Bowen’s class have been practising their travel training skills. We have learnt what red and green means when we see them and have practised recognising and responding to these signs whilst crossing roads. We have practised looking both ways before we cross the road to check for any moving cars.

We practised all these skills by walking to the local play park.

Key Stage 2 – St David’s Day

Key Stage 2 had the important job of learning all about St David’s Day.

We learnt different facts about St David, his day and Wales. We learnt signs for Welsh words and how to say it in Welsh. We even made Eccles cakes – yum!

We then shared everything we learnt in assembly.

KS2 Superhero Day

Our topic was Superheroes. We had a Key Stage 2 drama day, where we dressed up as superheroes, developed our characters and took part in superhero activities.

We practised superhero poses. We crossed the deadly swamp. We discovered superpowers and magic items. We fought villains. And much more!