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Primary 2019-2020

Spring and Summer Term

School Learning

During their time in school pupils took part in lots of different activities - here are a few!

Home Learning

Pupils had fun at home by accessing the home learning activities on our website and the Activity Channel on our Evidence for Learning App.


Key Stage 2 went to visit the Flying Scotsman at the Watercress Line. We got to look at the train, sit in a carriage and the engine room! We sat in the driver’s seat and some us even pulled the train’s whistle – it was very loud! We saw where the coal goes in and talked about how this makes the train move.




The pupils in Mr Broomfield's class have been following simple beats and taking turns to be a conductor each other with their choice of rhythm.  They have been working on fast and slow beats, with an enthuses of body moving to each beat.  This has help them develop their marching skills, essentially with music soldiers would have marched to during WW2.

The class had a favourite tune from WW2 ‘It’s a Long way to Tipperary’, which they enjoyed marching to. The class also attempted to drum along to the tune following the beat and role-playing being soldiers marching into war.




During My Physical Development lessons, Miss Quibell’s class have explored moving on and through things in different ways.




Mrs Brookes’ class have been visiting Bordon library. We all get to choose a book and scan it out ourselves. During our trip we have been learning to cross the road and walk safely near cars. Some of us also posted letters to Ms Clancy telling her what we liked at school.




1L had fun exploring old toys in our Discovery lessons. We each had a turn on a rocking horse and we played with lots of different toys including a spinning top, Viewmaster, Etch-a-Sketch and wooden blocks.



Autumn Term



Miss Bowen's class went to the ASC festival at Mary Rose Academy. In the morning we got to ride adapted bikes, practise ball skills and go on the trampoline. In the afternoon we explored our creative movement through dance.

Miss Quibell's class went on a “trip” to the North Pole to find a Polar bear. We used different forms of transport to get there, we pretended to use a hot air balloon, a sleigh, the Polar express and Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang to get there.   Then it snowed, we found the polar bear in an igloo.




We learnt all about journeys and transport. Our favourite lessons were pretending to be train drivers in the Hollywater Express and getting to sit on and rev a real motorbike!




In December Mrs Brookes’ class represented Hollywater at a Kwik Cricket competition against other special schools. We all tried really hard. We travelled to Places Leisure in Eastleigh. We all got a medal for competing.




In Mr Broomfield’s class the focus for art the Autumn term has been vanishing points and junk modelling.

The photographs show the pupils with their finished junk models and the 3D image they produced before creating their models.

The pupils learnt how to create a vanishing point for a picture, which most of the pupils created scenes with a horizon and vanishing point.  They utilised this skill to develop 3D pictures of vehicles they wanted to create out of junk.

They were able to work independently on they own project and were able to help their peers develop ideas.




1L enjoyed visits from a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog during the Autumn term. We liked stroking the dog and also had a chance to feed her treats, brush her and walk her around the classroom holding the lead.