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Primary 2020-2021

Autumn Term

Pink class

We have enjoyed different sensory stories within our different topics this term. Our favourites were getting messy with ‘A Rainy Day’ and playing tug of war with ‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants’.


Gold Class

We explored space this term.   We went on a trip to space, getting dressed up in helmets and “space suits”.   We explored the different planets and in My thinking did some simple science experiments on space.









Green Class

We have really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs. We know that they came from the past, they were discovered from fossils. We looked at bones. We enjoyed excavating our own fossils.


Silver Class

In Music this term, Silver class have been exploring sounds. We have made sounds with our bodies – clapping, stamping, tapping and vocalising – and listened to sounds to see if we could recognise them. We have explored percussion instruments that can be hit or shaken and practised playing them loudly and quietly. We have learnt a song about the rain and can play loudly or quietly at the right times when we sing it. We have also been exploring sounds on an iPad and enjoyed playing the piano using the Virtuoso app.





Yellow Class

Building a dinosaur

We were learning all about skeletons and we had a dinosaur skeleton model that we built together as a class. We had to read the instructions, find out which pieces fit together and we all took turns putting it together. We hung it up in our class!


We did gymnastics/movement in PE this term. Everybody is really good at balancing and we learned many different gymnastics shapes. We practiced moving from one shape to another and we could do all our shapes on different equipment.

Christmas cookie decorating:

We used red and green icing to decorate some cookies for Christmas! We also had very sparkly sprinkles to put on top. They were delicious!

Christmas dinner:

We celebrated Christmas and had a lovely lunch together and we all wore our beautiful Christmas jumpers.