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Restrictive Physical Intervention addendum






Physical Intervention Policy : COVID-19 addendum


The use of physical intervention by staff continues to be in response to a situation where pupils or staff may be at risk (including self-harm) or significant damage done to property.  It should be reasonable, proportionate, necessary and in the best interests of the child.

Due to the current elevated COVID-19 risk, a risk assessment will be carried out on each pupil and reasonable adjustments made to their Personal Handling Plan (PHP) and Individual Behaviour Management Plan ( IBMP ). This risk assessment has to balance the risk of contamination between pupils and staff and the risk to the pupil and others if physical intervention is not carried out. 

A range of behaviour strategies outlined in a pupils individual behaviour plan will be implemented before any physical intervention is actioned. 

During each incident an immediate risk assessment will be carried out by staff ( Headteacher /

Senior Leaders ) assessing whether physical intervention is required. If physical intervention is necessary then this will follow the pupil’s Personal Handling Plan ( PHP ) and Individual Behaviour Management Plan ( IBMP ). Appropriate PPE will be worn at all times during any physical intervention. 

In addition to usual procedures after an intervention the following will always be carried out:

  • Staff to immediately wash hands and bare skin
  • If necessary, staff to change clothes 
  • Pupils to wash their hands
  • A review undertaken of any changes in protocol required to lessen the risk to child and others


Written by : Sarah Kitching 

Date : 21st June 2021

Signed by Headteacher

Steph Clancy

Review date : September 2021