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Secondary 2019-2020

Spring and Summer Term

School Learning

During their time in school pupils took part in lots of different activities - here are a few!

Home Learning

Pupils had fun at home by accessing the home learning activities on our website and the Activity Channel on our Evidence for Learning App.


Mr Arnott’s class have continued with their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver awards. They have now completed * 3 of the 4 sections:

Volunteering *

Skills *

Physical *


This is what we have been getting up to in the Spring term.

Bronze teams

Skill – We have achieved the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree Schools GOLD award.  By exploring our local woodlands and learning about the habitats of woodland animals.  We made dioramas (3D designs) of the woodlands and research facts about different woodland animals.

Physical – We have been improving our personal fitness, by completing weekly fitness circuits with SCL our PE coaches.  We have kept a record of our times and repetitions of each exercise and have seen a great improvement! Shining Diamonds have been completing wheelchair aerobics weekly.

Silver team

Volunteering – As Cyber Ambassadors, we have written and presented our Esafety assembly to our class and the whole of the Secondary department.

Physical – We have been continuing with our personal fitness by attending our local Gym and have written a personal fitness plan; each week we have noticed a difference in our endurance.

Our extended walking at Bordon Inclosure has continued in all weathers, which highlighted how important it is to have the correct kit in our rucksacks and to ensure we are making good decisions about what we wear to walk in.




As part of the Equals scheme of work we follow - My travel training, Mrs Sawford’s class have learnt to cross the road. First we had a couple of lessons in the class about road safety and how to cross the road safely. We all know that we have to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK. After these lessons we went outside to practise our knowledge. We first used the zebra crossing in the car park and then we went to Mill Chase Road, just outside the school gate. Although it is a quiet road, we were very surprised at the amount of traffic we saw. Each week, we all had a go at crossing independently. A lot of us know what to do, but we find it still hard to make the decision that it is safe to cross and to actually cross without adult prompts. We are becoming much safer road crossers!




The focus for RE this Spring term has been to explore the religion and culture of Islam.

The photographs show the pupils exploring the Islamic Creation story.

Pupils watched videos and were split into 2 working groups to discuss the differences and similarities between the Islam is and Christian Creation Story. They were then given the task to correctly sequence the Islam creation story through pictures. Pupils were given visuals and symbols where necessary to support the recall of this information. The pupils also learnt about important symbols, the art of prayer and Ramadan. Through role play, the pupils acted out the regime Muslim people carry out when they pray.




In Spring term, Mrs Bartlett’s class were lucky enough to have several themed days that allowed us to do lots of cross- curricula learning. Our favourite themed day this term was “Discovery Day”. The country we were learning about was China. We went on a fictional journey along the silk trade route. We managed to incorporate computing, geography, history, MFL and food technology, all whilst enjoying the day and working alongside our peers. A highlight of the day was trying to use chopsticks to eat our Chinese inspired snacks. It was tricky to do!




Appleton class were learning how to use the FaceTime facility on and IPad during our ICT lesson. We each had an Ipad and worked with a partner who went to a different classroom. We then took turns to call our partner and communicate with them. Lots of us found this very difficult but tried really hard and even if we didn’t use our words we were able to use gesture and facial expression to get our messages across . I hope that the skills that you learnt in school have been a benefit to you in the difficult times we are facing now and that you have been able to video call your family and friends to stay in touch  and stay safe.




Mrs Appleton’s class went to Mountbatten Sports Centre to take part in a range of sports in competition with other special schools across Hampshire. We took part in Kurling , Polybat and some competitive races. We all came home with a medal each and a trophy for 4th place to show everyone how well we did for the Hollywater school trophy cabinet.




Miss de Carteret’s class had fun on Discovery day exploring China for its traditions, history and culture. Miss D brought in some of her items from China for the class to explore. We tried to fly a kite, although the wind wasn’t on our side. We read a story that followed the trail of the silk road and then we tried on a Chinese silk dressing gown with a dragon sewn on, a very traditional creature of China.

We also celebrated World Book Day. Everyone dressed up as a book character and looked great! We enjoyed a story from Miss Strugnell and the class got involved with being dressed up with bandages. Then the class had fun role-playing some scenes from a Sherlock Holmes extract. Lastly, the students worked with Miss Dobson to explore illustrations of books and create their own ones.

With Mrs Shuff’s class, we visited the D Day story museum at Southsea, Portsmouth. The students loved wondering the museum to discover and find a number of WW2 resources. We then took part in a workshop with a fantastic lady who shared with us lots of relics of WW2, clothing, books, toys, cooking utensils and much more. To end the workshop, we role-played an air raid. Our trip to Southsea finished with chips on the pier as they did back in the Victorian times.




Butcher Class were selected to represent the school in the annual County Lord Taverner’s Table Cricket Tournament at the prestigious Ageas Bowl Cricket Ground in Southampton on Friday 7 February 2020.  They had the opportunity to take part in some specific tournament training in school with an external coach in preparation for the event, and showed such good skills that they went straight through undefeated to the final match.  This excellent effort earnt them a place in the Regional Finals Tournament that was due to take place in Crawley later in the year.




Autumn Term

As part of RE, Art, History and Computing, Miss de Carteret’s pupils visited Selborne. We parked at Gilbert White and walked through the village to the Church. We measured the sound level using data loggers through the village to identify louder and quieter areas. We also collected twigs and sticks to create Christmas tree decorations ready to sell at the Christmas Market. On visiting the Church, we were identifying a Christian’s place of worship and looking at features that made this Church medieval.












Mr Arnott’s class have started their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver awards. They have to complete 4 sections:

  • Volunteering
  • Skills
  • Physical
  • Expedition

This is what we have been getting up to in the Autumn term.

Bronze teams

Volunteering – raising money for Macmillan Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Awareness and Children in Need 2019 or have been volunteering at a local farm, helping to feed the animals and clean them out.

Skill – We are completing the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree Schools award.  By exploring our local woodlands and learning about British trees and how to identify them from looking at their leaves.  We have achieved our Bronze and Silver award already!

Silver team

Volunteering – We have become Cyber Ambassadors for Hollywater School; we have completed our training and are using #GoFISH resources to help us promote Esafety at school and at home.

Skill – We have been learning new skills at college – we have completed a short course in Automotives; changing the wheels on a car, checking the oil and identifying some of the mechanics of the engine.

Physical – We are improving our personal fitness by attending our local Gym and have written a personal fitness plan.

We are also practicing to walk for extended periods of time, every three weeks we go walking in our local environment for 3 hours.  We wear our walking gear; boots and waterproofs and pack our rucksacks with our essential kit.  It is hard work but we all feel the benefits of walking in the fresh air!




In the Autumn term Appleton Class visited the local library in Bordon each week. We all had to give our names to the staff who helped to issue us each with a library card in the first week. We spent some time choosing books we liked from the shelves , or asking for help from library staff to find a specific book. We then learnt how to use our individual library cards to check in and check out our books each week. By the end of the term we were all really good at using the machines independently. Well done everyone.




In the autumn term Mrs Sawford’s class have learnt to make toast independently. We follow the Equals scheme of work. The aim was to be as independent as possible to make a slice of toast. We first had to put cards in order to be able to see the steps of making toast. After that we had to communicate what we needed to make toast and how we were going to make the toast. After a few weeks of practise, most of us were able to put the toast in the toaster and turn it on, wait for the toast to pop up and take it out when it had cooled down a bit, spread the butter on the toast and spread some jam or marmite on the toast. We also learned to ask others for what we needed and to wait for our turn to use for example the butter. We all enjoyed eating the toast!




One of the focus’ in Mrs Bartlett’s EQUALS lessons during the Autumn term was communication. We worked in class to practice and develop the skills needed to ask for something we wanted. We used a variety of communication aids such as symbols, communication books, iPads, and PECS, to help us to do this. We practiced across a variety of activities in class and role- played cafés, shops and parties.

At Christmas we went to the Forest Lodge Garden Centre café, to put our skills into real life practice. We choose a drink and snack and had to ask for it, using our communication aids. It was great to see skills that we had worked on all term being transferred into real life situations.




In Mrs Shuff’s class the focus for Art this term has been a calendar of Festivals through the medium of collage.  The photographs show the pupils exploring the annual ‘Rio Brazil’ festival of music and processions of dancers and musicians.

Pupils watched a video of the festival and listened to Brazilian festival music whilst they created their collages. They were asked to think about how the images and music made them feel – joyous, busy, colourful, loud, flamboyant and using the materials provided, create an image showing these feelings.




During the Autumn Term Butcher Class got themselves out and about in the community, building their confidence, independence, and social skills.  Part of these skills involved using different forms of public transport in a safe and confident manner.  The group took a South Western Railways train on a return trip from Farnham to Alton for a visit to a café there.  It was an exciting time for the group, if a little nerve-wracking for those who hadn’t used the train very often… if at all… in the past.  Everyone had a great time and a safe journey.