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Secondary 2020-2021

Autumn Term

Blue Class

This term we started our John Muir Award- Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share

We focused on the season of Autumn and took photos, observed, cleared areas and did some creative activities. We really enjoyed making real leaf pictures within a frame.




We learnt skills needed to play badminton in the second half of the term.

We learnt to serve, holding the shuttlecock properly. We learnt to return serve and finally we had a go using the nets and playing a game. Jake and Elliot got really skilled and were able to return and receive a few times.




This term we were making snacks. We made festive sausage rolls which included a few different processes including zesting an orange using a grater. It gave our sausage meat a lovely orange flavour. We added cranberry sauce too.



Orange Class

Problem solving in Maths

We were given four different sized and coloured strips. Our task was to make as many different triangles with the strips and to find a way to record our answers. Lots of people came up with different ways of recording and one person made 12 different triangles! We all enjoyed doing this task.



Bronze Class

During the Autumn Term Bronze Teams Mighty Bears and NRG have been completing the first 3 months of the skills section of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Pupils are completing the St John Ambulance First Aid Schools Award.  They have covered the following units and are showing a growing confidence in their first aid skills.

Coping in an emergency

  • manage an incident, minimising the risk to themselves                  
  • create an action plan to help them cope in an emergency.                           

Communication and Casualty Care

  • recognise the importance of effective communication in a first aid situation                         
  • be able to make an emergency call.                         

Primary Survey

  • be able to assess a first aid situation using the DR ABC method – danger, response, airway, breathing, and circulation                                
  • know how to check the casualty’s responses, open their airway, and check for breathing.              

Recovery Position

  • know when a casualty needs to be put into the recovery position                              
  • know how to put a casualty into the recovery position.  



Aqua Class

In Science, Aqua class have been learning about Plants and Photosynthesis.

As part of this topic, pupils explored how plants reproduce and used hand held microscopes to look for and identify the male and female reproductive parts of a flower.

They were looking for the Stigma, Ovary and Ovule which are the female parts and the Anther and Filament which are Male. They also looked to see if they could find any pollen in the flower which is transported through a variety of ways for reproduction to occur and new plants grow from seeds.




Pupils experienced a virtual workshop with Jane Smith from Job Centre Plus.

The childdren were asked to discuss the qualities and skills they would need to work with animals or to be a Sales Assistant. They were given opportunities to ask and answer questions and then decide which of the skills and qualities would be most important for each role.




Purple Class

Attention Autism!

Purple Class have been working on improving our attention skills in Attention Autism sessions. We are eager to see “What’s in the bucket?” Our favourite objects light up and spin. We are all able to remain focused for the whole of stage 1 and we’re working on sustaining attention for stage 2 activities. It’s so much fun and we often end up in a real mess!



Charcoal Class

During our extended walking practices each student has taken the lead.  This has included map reading.  The image shows one student showing the group where they are on the map and working together to problem solve how to reach their next check point.




This term both Silver and Bronze DofE groups have been learning different First Aid skills, following the St Johns Ambulance syllabus.  The students have learnt skills how do a primary survey, placing a casualty in the recovery position, CPR, how to treat some with hypothermia, what to do when someone has a foreign object in their eye, ear or nose and deal with different types of bleeding and someone who has gone into shock.  The image shows one student carrying out CPR on Baby Annie.




During the term our physical tasks have been learning basketball and badminton skills.  The image shows the group playing a game that involves interception, to work on passing skills and movement with and without the ball.




The Bronze Team this term has been taking part in different volunteering activities, which include McMillian coffee morning, Pink day and Children In Need.  The image shows both students preparing cakes to deliver to other hubs throughout the school.




Red Class

Pink Day!

Red Class really enjoyed the Pink Day activities that were organised by the Duke of Edinburgh group. We chose to do some pink art activities- some of us made pink butterflies and some of us made pink masks but everyone really enjoyed the afternoon. Here are some pictures of Red class creating and our creations!