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Year 7 Catch up funding Maths review






Maths Year 7 Catch up funding 2019 - 2020


This funding is given to support pupils not achieving age related expectations at the end of Key Stage 2.  The school will receive £8,050 (based on the number of Yr 7 pupils) this financial year.

The funding is used to provide extra support to enable pupils to narrow the gap to the age related expectations each year.


We are doing this through:

  • Continuing the professional development of the Maths Manager, who attends regular special school development network meetings for Secondary Special Schools.
  • Opportunities for Maths Manager to develop links with other Maths Managers from other special schools within Hampshire.
  • Renewing our subscriptions to online math resources, such as EducationCity, My Maths, Twinkl, Sumdog, and Hit the Button. My Maths and EducationCity are also accessible at home so our Parents can support their children, reinforcing taught mathematical concepts in school.
  • Continuing to provide pupils with opportunities to carry out practical investigations to identify prior knowledge and / or assess taught concepts in units of work.
  • Renewing the subscription for the Evidence for Learning assessment app that enables all teachers to evidence and record baseline and end of year attainment for Maths. This tool also enables teachers to share information about pupil progress with parents via learning journeys.
  • To continue to use the baseline assessment material to enable teachers to establish a more detailed picture of what the pupils are able to do in Maths and where the gaps in their learning are as they transition from Primary into Secondary.


End of year review ( September 2020 ):


  • Baseline resources continue to be used at the beginning of the year to enable teachers to establish where the pupil is working at and highlight any gaps in their learning.


  • Evidence for Learning subscription has been renewed. This enables teachers to evidence pupils work and monitor the progress that pupils are making in all areas of Maths. During the COVID-19 lockdown this resource was used by teachers to set weekly challenges for Maths for pupils to enable them to continue to maintain and develop their key skills.


  • Money Sense sessions were organised by the Maths lead teacher but were cancelled due to the pandemic. Resources created by Moneysense were used and shared with parents during the lockdown period and they provided pupils with the opportunity to transfer learnt skills and concepts to real-life situations. 


  • Learning journeys have been shared with parents using the Evidence for Learning app at EHCP reviews, at Parent Consultations and end of year school reports. This has enabled parents to see the evidence of progress that pupils have made in all aspects of English. During the COVID-19 lockdown a new element of the system was introduced to teachers which enabled parents to upload evidence. This enabled teachers to see what the pupils were achieving in English at home and make judgements on next steps which could be shared with parents via the Activity Channel.


  • Renewed subscription to EducationCity, Twinkl, My Maths, and Hit the Button. Teachers planning highlights how these resources have been used to support the pupils learning in a practical and motivating way. During the COVID-19 lockdown these resources were used by teachers to support and develop pupils learning in Maths whilst they were working at home.


  • New subscription purchased for pupils to have full access to Sumdog. This enabled teachers to use this resource to set challenges and activities to help pupils develop their mental Maths skills. Throughout the year pupils have participated in Sumdog nationwide contests and they have achieved huge success.


  • Maths lead teacher has not been able to attend any of the special school Maths network meetings due to the pandemic.


  • Maths lead teacher has carried out staff training at the beginning of the year that focused on the Maths resources in school and how they can support pupils learning. The Maths lead teacher also shared IT resources that could be used to enhance the learning within key areas of Maths.