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Those students who join Hollywater FE can expect to be welcomed into an amazing FE family which we hope can last a lifetime.  The parents of current and past FE students have developed friendly and supportive WhatsApp groups which they utilise to celebrate and support one another through the very challenging transition of their young person into adulthood. 

The group are in touch regularly and make efforts to organise events during the school holidays in order for the students to no lose touch with their friends.  Two of the most notable last summer were a pizza party at QE Park and a pool party!

‘FE Family, Friends and Alumni’ events take place termly at the local community centre. Present and past students, their families and friends, spend a fabulous social evening together, dancing, laughing, and maintaining friendships after life at Hollywater FE that could otherwise be lost.  These evening events are hotly anticipated by the students who look forward to an amazing social evening and getting to see their friends.  The students aren’t the only ones who benefit, parents and carers are able to relax during the evening, chat with other parents, and perhaps gain some valuable tips about navigating the complex transition to adulthood… it is also of great benefit for existing parents to see there are opportunities after school in which their children can thrive. 

Another highlight of these evenings is when the siblings of our students are also able to let loose and have some fun, perhaps with others who also have siblings with special needs, connecting with others who have some of the same experiences can give them a little extra support.  Most of all these evenings are just great fun for everyone!

Year 11 Leavers

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Year 14 Leavers

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