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FE Transition

A large part of Hollywater FE is focused on transition for the students from the very moment they enter the group. The three years that FE students may remain with us can be three of the most challenging years parents, carers, and the students themselves, may have faced since early childhood.  We work closely with parents, the Independent Futures Team, Adult Services, Further Education Colleges, Adult Day Services, and other Post 19 providers in order to ensure a smooth transition into adulthood for all of our young people and their families. 

The Independent Futures Team (IFT) referrals are completed at age 16 in order to make the students known to IFT, they then work with the parents, student and school in completing a plan for any support needed as the young person transitions through to 18, at which point Adult Services take over.  This is especially important for those families that have had no prior Children’s Services support, as the needs of a young person reaching adulthood are much more complex, especially as they will quickly be leaving school.

Assessments will be conducted throughout their time in FE and include home visits and discussions with the parents, students and school in order to make sure support is in place.  Support needs will vary for each student and can range from gaining a little more independence away from their family, social opportunities for young adults, to future residential and/or supported living arrangements.  Long term planning is immensely important at this stage to ensure that every individual student, and their families, are prepared and ready for the future.

The FE curriculum is based on the themes of Preparing for Adulthood, all of which have a focus on transition and moving towards as independent a life as is possible for each individual.  Within the timetable students will have the opportunity to visit and/or spend a number of weekly sessions at a variety of potential progression routes. 

We visit local Further Education Colleges, Adult Day Service providers, Supported Employment providers and other Post 19 provision in order for students to become familiar and comfortable with places they may transition to after Hollywater FE.  By developing relationships with the staff, and other users of these provisions, anxiety about moving on is significantly lessened… and it is also nice for them to see old friends doing well in places they may go themselves.