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Online Safety

The internet plays a huge part in the lives of young people today, with many playing online games, posting on social media, and using video sharing platforms. It can be used positively, helping young people learn new skills, express themselves creatively and strengthen social bonds.

However, the use of many popular online platforms has also been linked to low self-esteem and anxiety. They also come with a set of safeguarding risks, from the pressure to participate in dangerous challenges to cyberbullying.

Please follow the links below to explore helpful information, such as a quick informative video, help guides and useful tips.

UK Safer Internet Centre

Safer Internet Resources

National Online Safety guides

Barefoot Computing A range of resources and activities related to this years theme

Barefoot Home Learning Home learning activities focused on online safety, these are called 'Keep it Safe' and 'Who owns this?

Digiduck Stories Children might also enjoy sharing the Detective Digiduck books. There are five books in the collection and they focus on aspects of online safety. In these books a wise owl helps Digiduck realises the mistakes he is making and helps him become safe online

Jessie & Friends Think U Know have created a range of videos and storybooks that cover different aspects of online safety. The videos show young people making unsafe choices online and it shows them what they can do in these situations.